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Ants is similar to the popular and fun puzzle game “lemmings”, in which you must safely guide the creatures to their home.  It is a mathematical game in that it is logical, and has a set number of adjustable parameters. 

Game Rules:

Use the mouse to assign jobs to certain ants at certain times.  They will help direct the flow of the other ants.

Math Skills:

Logical Deduction –Deduce which jobs must be assigned and to whom.  Sometimes this is easy and obvious, and other times it seems impossible.  Use a logical, mathematical way of thinking and you will eventually solve the problem and get that much better at solving problems in general.

Calculation - A challenge in this game is getting enough ants to safety.  When devising a plan for a particular board, you must calculate how many ants you will lose in the process.  At times this can be difficult.  It will test your math and estimation skills.

Fun Tips:

Try to solve the game’s levels losing as few ants as possible.  In mathematics, there are often several very different solutions to a problem – often one of them is very simple and clever.  The trick with this game is the same as with math in general: find the simplest possible solution.  Have fun and enjoy ants!

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