Bejeweled is a game that has enjoyed amazing popularity.  It improves your math ability by training you to recognize patterns more easily.

Game Rules:

Use the mouse to click on a pair of adjacent jewels and they will switch positions.  The goal of this game is to line up rows or columns of three or more jewels.

Math Skills:

Pattern Recognition – Recognizing patterns is one of the keys to understanding mathematics.  As you play this game, you will begin to see patterns in greater detail and of increasing size, as your pattern recognition and mathematical abilities increase.

Calculation – As you play, you automatically perform simple mathematical calculations to see how many jewels you can line up and which move is the best.  The more you play, the more simple calculations you will perform, and the better you will become at them.

Fun Tips:

Try to see the larger patterns.  Look at the entire board and try to line up 5 or 6 jewels in a row, as well as set up combinations of moves.

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