Breakout is a famous game where you bounce a ball into a wall to destroy it.  It’s mathematical value is the way it help you to understand basic geometry.

Game Rules:

Use the mouse to slide the bumper back and forth.  When the ball approaches, you can change the angle it leaves at by adjusting where on the bumper the ball hits.  There are power-ups that will fall from the wall.  Catch them to add to the fun. 

Math Skills:

Geometry – This game will help you become familiar with the concept of angle of incidence, and how it affects the reflection angle.  As you play, you will begin to project complex combinations of reflections.  This is your mathematical ability expanding.

Fun Tips:

Angle the ball so it hits as many bricks as possible.  Try to get the ball on top of the wall.  Concentration is the key to this game, but with some mathematical cleverness, you’ll be able to make your play much more efficient.  Observe the angles and learn to project several bounces in advance.

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