The game of checkers has been around for thousands of years.  It is a game of logic. 

Game Rules:

Pieces move diagonally forward once space at a time, or can jump and remove one opposing piece.  A king can move forward or backward, and is acquired by advancing a piece to the back rank of the opponent’s side.  The player with the most pieces at the end wins.

Math Skills:

Visualization – Learn to visualize the board several moves in advance.  As you learn to visualize farther and farther, this math ability will grow - along with your checkers ability.

Calculation - Checkers is a good mix of the simple and complex.  In many situations it is possible to determine all possible opposing moves and the reasonable responses.  You can then determine your opponent’s most likely action and counter it.  The farther you can think ahead, the better you will be.

Fun Tips:

Learn to anticipate your opponent’s moves.  This is the key in any game of strategy.  Learn to recognize the best possible move.  Calculate ways to get your pieces within one jump of becoming king.  Trick your opponent into doing what you want.

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