This is a fun game to play as well as watch.  Set off a chain reaction with a single mouse click.  Include as many other colored dots as possible. 

Game Rules:

Just click where you want the first burst to be.  When you set off the required number of bursts for that level, you will advance to the next level. When you finish all the levels, you win the game.

Math Skills:

Calculation - In the early levels, you can easily calculate how many bursts your click will trigger.  As the levels progress, the math calculations become more complex and challenging.  It is here that we begin to estimate.

Numerical Estimation –A computer could calculate the exact best place at any given time to set off the burst.  At the game's higher levels, the mathematics involved would be staggering.  Therefore we must estimate a best course of action.

Fun Tips:

Try to take into account the time each burst lasts for, as well as the overall direction and density of the dots.  Ideally, the chain reaction will span the entire board, as to have an influence on all new dots floating in.  It’s particularly fun when separate groups of bursts form – it’s an interesting mathematical problem to think about.

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