This is a fun little game where you blow up multi-colored bombs.  It’s visually fun to watch, too.

Game Rules:

Left click on a bomb and it will explode, as well as detonate any adjacent bombs of the same color.  New bombs are then added.  The goal is to blow up as many bombs as possible.

Math Skills:

Pattern Recognition –It is important to recognize the patterns which are more conducive to a chain reaction.  Pattern recognition is a key math skill that can be trained by playing games such as this one.

Calculation - Use quick, simple math to determine which color bomb to detonate.  Quickly, almost instantly, count each connected bomb of each color and decide which color is worth more.

Fun Tips:

Focus on the bombs near the center because they have the most potential for causing chain reactions.  Also, try clicking on more than one bomb at once.  This game will help your math skills if you play it with a mind to learn.

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