This game involves spatial logic and is fun to play.  The graphics are pretty cool, too.

Game Rules:

Pieces of glass come down the assembly line.  You drag them over to the blank.  You get more points for placing bigger pieces. Rotate the pieces by pressing spacebar.

Math Skills:

Spatial Logic – You must be able to combine small shapes into larger shapes.  Being able to do this will help you to think more visually, and abstractly.  It will be of particular use in a math such as geometry.

Visualization - You must have foresight to try to place larger pieces.  This game exercises the mathematical ability of being able to rapidly form and compare combinations.

Fun Tips:

The trick to this game is to place the big pieces, so save room for them.  There are several pieces you can choose from, and so there are a lot of possibilities.  Try to find patterns that work for you.

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