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Pac-Man made by Neave Games

Pac-Man is a classic arcade game. To us, it is a classic exercise in nodal mathematics.

Game Rules:

Use the direction keys to guide Pac-Man.  Eat the dots, avoid the ghosts.  After you eat one of the big dots in the corners, you can eat the ghosts for a short time.  Pac-Man is a great, simple, fun game.

Math Skills:

Nodal Mathematics – How do we clear the maze as efficiently as possible, without going down the same path twice?  There’s a whole branch of mathematics devoted to this subject.  Learn to navigate this game efficiently and you will develop an intuitive understanding of nodal mathematics.

Fun Tips:

The ghosts are controlled by algorithms, so it is possible for the player (you) to find a mathematical algorithm to beat each level - a set path that works every time.  It’s fun to try: start out on the same path every time.  Each time learn a little bit more of the path.  It will take a few games, but eventually you will be able to clear most of the board without incident every time.  You’ll be able to get to the higher levels, and, best of all, your mind will be more adept at recognizing mathematical algorithms.

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