This game is similar to Othello.  Surround an opponent’s piece with two of your own to "reverse" its color and capture it. 

Game Rules:

With the mouse, place your piece on a square that will capture an opponent’s piece.  This is the only legal move.  If you can’t capture a piece then your turn is over.  The player with the most pieces at the end of the game wins.

Math Skills:

Pattern Recognition –This is a key to developing an effective strategy.  Recognize beneficial patterns on the board and take advantage of them.

Calculation - This is where we use our math skills to determine how to anticipate a situation.  Calculate their counter-move and your response to that.

Fun Tips:

The corners are the key to this game, since a corner can never be surrounded.  Next are the edges since pieces on the edges can only be surrounded one way.  Work off the corners, then edges, and you will capture the entire board.

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