Sudoku is a captivating mathematical game.  It is also known to help keep your mind sharp. Sudoku is a great, simple, fun game.

Game Rules:

Sudoku uses the numbers 1 through 9.  In each block, column, and row, type in each number one time.  There can be no duplication of numbers. 

Math Skills:

Logical Deduction – This game encourages you to use logic in different ways, from different angles.  You must use pure logic to come to a definite conclusion.

Pattern Recognition – When using logic to solve a math problem, pattern recognition is important.  Sudoku trains us to observe several patterns at once, and then to cross-reference them in order to efficiently determine the missing numbers.

Fun Tips:

Create algorithms.  For example, start with a 3x3 box and check each number in each spot.  Then move to the next box.  Once you’ve gone through all of them, go through each column, then each row.  By then, you will have found enough numbers that you can start the process over again.  This is an excellent drill for learning mathematics such as combination and permutation, and it makes the game more fun.  But of course, the real fun is in finding your own method.

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