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The tank artillery game is a classic exercise in numerical estimation.  Choose the power and angle your tank fires with to eliminate the enemy – then upgrade your tank and weapons.  This game is a ton of fun, and it helps your math skills at the same time.

Game Rules:

Use the up and down arrow keys to change the barrel angle.  Move your tank with the left and right arrow keys.  Change your firing power and weapon with the mouse.  Zero in on your enemy's position with a series of educated guesses.

Math Skills:

Numerical Estimation – Choose a reasonable starting power and angle and then make corrections as you systematically find the exact values need.  The better you are at making estimations and corrections, the more often you will win.  In mathematics, we often ask ourselves if an answer is reasonable – we estimate a probable value and compare it to the one we have.  This game helps give you that important mathematical ability - numerical estimation.

Fun Tips:

An angle of 45 degrees gives you the maximum distance, so leave the angle there, and change the power only.  Fire a shot and determine whether to increase or decrease the power.  Zero in on your opponent with this algorithm.  Math is a system of solving problems.  Use math to increase your skill in this game, and the game will in turn, increase your math skills.

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