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N-Blox made by Neave Games

Tetris is a game based on spatial reasoning, which makes it particularly useful for training your mind to become more mathematical – It’s a really fun game considering its simplicity.

Game Rules:

Use the direction keys to rotate the pieces or drop them faster once they’re lined up. The idea is to complete whole rows. You get more points for completing numerous rows at the same time.

Math Skills:

Spatial Logic – Visualizing how the shapes rotate and combine is a fantastic way to exercise the mathematical skill of spatial reasoning.

Calculation – Planning out one move ahead is a good way to perform mental calculations. Even if you’re not aware of the calculations, you’re still doing them sub-consciously.

Fun Tips:

Set up as many tetris’s (four rows at once) as possible. Don’t allow any gaps in any row even if you get close to the top. This will force your mathematical mind to find solutions – you will begin to think and calculate more quickly.  

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